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Open folder ICD 07A
Open folder ICD 07B
Open folder ICD 08A
Open folder ICD 08B
Close folder ICD 09: Basic Tabulation List.
 B00 : All causes (B00)
Open folder Infections and parasitic diseases
Open folder Neoplasms
Open folder Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases and immunity disorders
Open folder Diseases of blood and blood forming organs
Open folder Mental disorders
Open folder Diseases of blood and blood forming organs
Open folder Diseases of the circulatory system
Open folder Diseases of the respiratory system
Open folder Diseases of the digestive system
Open folder Diseases of genitourinary system
Open folder Complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
Open folder Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
Open folder Diseases of musculoskeletal system and connective tissue
Open folder Congenital anomalies
Open folder Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period
Open folder Symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions
Open folder Injury and poisoning
 S019 : Rest of b01
 S020 : Respiratory tuberculosis
 S029 : Rest of b02
 S039 : Rest of b03
 S049 : Rest of b04
 S059 : Rest of b05
 S06 : Venereal and other infectious and parasitic diseases
 S08 : Malignant neoplasms
 S08x : Rest of b08 - b13
 S149 : Rest of b14
 S15 : Benign and unspecified neoplasms and carcinoma in situ
 S189 : Rest of b18, b19
 S229 : Rest of b22, b23, b24
 S300 : Atherosclerosis and other arterial diseases
 S309 : Rest of b30
 S310 : Acute respiratory diseases
 S329 : Rest of b31, b32
 S343 : Hernia and intestinal obstruction
 S347 : Cirrhosis and other digestive disorders
 S349 : Rest of b33, b34
 S359 : Rest of b35, b36, b37
 S399 : Rest of b39, b40, b41
 S449 : Rest of b44
 S459 : Rest of b45
 S469 : Rest of b46
 S47 : All accidental causes (Bahamas, 1983)
 S479 : Rest of b47
Open folder Codes de causes supplementaires (tumeurs) (14-23)
Open folder Autres codes de causes supplementaires (?) (415-420)
Open folder ICD 09.C: China
Open folder ICD10: Special Tabulation List 1 for Mortality and Morbidity
Open folder ICD10: Detailed list of 3 and 4-character categories
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