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 B000 : All causes
 B001 : Cholera
 B002 : Typhoid fever
 B003 : Bacillary dysentery and amoebiasis
 B004 : Enteritis and other diarrhoeal diseases
 B005 : Tuberculosis of respiratory system
 B006 : Other tuberculosis, including late effects
 B007 : Plague
 B008 : Diphteria
 B009 : Whooping cough
 B010 : Streptococcal sore throat and scarlet fever
 B011 : Meningococcal infection
 B012 : Acute poliomyelitis
 B013 : Smallpox
 B014 : Measles
 B015 : Typhus and rickettsioses
 B016 : Malaria
 B017 : Syphilis and sequelae
 B018 : All other infective and parasitic diseases
 B019 : Malignant neoplasms, incl. neoplasms of lymph. & haemat. tissue
 B020 : Benign neoplasms and neoplasms of unspecified nature
 B021 : Diabetes mellitus
 B022 : Avitaminoses and other nutritional deficiency
 B023 : Anaemias
 B024 : Meningitis
 B025 : Active rheumatic fever
 B026 : Chronic rheumatic heart disease
 B027 : Hypertensive disease
 B028 : Ischaemic heart disease
 B029 : Other forms of heart disease
 B030 : Cerebrovascular disease
 B031 : Influenza
 B032 : Pneumonia
 B033 : Bronchitis, emphysema and asthma
 B034 : Peptic ulcer
 B035 : Appendicitis
 B036 : Intestinal obstruction and hernia
 B037 : Cirrhosis of liver
 B038 : Nephritis and nephrosis
 B039 : Hyperplasia of prostate
 B040 : Abortion
 B041 : Other complications of pregnancy, childbirth & puerperium
 B042 : Congenital anomalities
 B043 : Birth injury, difficult labour & other ranoxic & hypoxic conditions
 B044 : Other causes of perinatal mortality
 B045 : Symptoms and ill-defined conditions
 B046 : All other diseases
 B047 : Motor vehicle accidents
 B048 : All other accidents
 B049 : Suicide and self-inflicted injuries
 B050 : All other external causes
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